Hunting the bottoms after Flood of '19

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Hunting the bottoms after Flood of '19

Unread postby hambone » Mon Aug 12, 2019 5:16 am

Most of the flood water is finally gone from some of my best hunting areas. Local farmers are trying to work the high spots as they dry out. The roads are still washed out and clogged up with fallen trees, so the public areas are still inaccessible. Although most of the understory has been destroyed, there is an immediate green up taking place. It will be hard to say how it effected the mast producing trees, until next spring. For the moment, most of the bigger trees don't look too bad. I am curious as to how the mast crop will be effected, come fall. Will the acorns and persimmons abort early or continue on to maturation and drop successfully? From what I have seen, acorns, like milkweed pods, are already spotty around here, this year. So I don't expect a bumper acorn crop to bail the deer out, this time. I know the MDC cancelled some management (draw) hunts along the river, but I'm not sure if the areas I normally hunt will be open to hunting, by time season gets here. The deer followed the water down as it receded, as normal. I got to the places, that I could. Saw lots of tracks and a few deer on the high spots. What stuck out, was the lack of small tracks. Unfortunately, I did not see one single set of fawn tracks. :cry: After a killing frost and the mast crop is cleaned up, the deer will have little left to eat in the bottoms. The high water mark, raised the "browse line" on most trees, out the reach of deer, as well. Even though it doesn't normally do too well in the bottoms, the MDC could go against the norm and have wheat planted to relieve some stress. Otherwise, I would expect most doe families will follow the food to the hills. How late in the year that occurs, should dictate how quickly the bucks follow. Long story short, if the MDC allows it, I will plan on hunting the bottoms afterall. I just experienced my 3rd 100 year flood and still haven't learned, not to put all my eggs in one basket. If I end up getting to hunt my spots it will have been by the skin of my teeth. Summer of 2019 scouting and beyond, note to self: There's deer in them thar hills.

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