Win a free Turkey hunt

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Win a free Turkey hunt

Unread postby huntinnurse » Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:49 pm

2 friends from Oklahoma City, Brian and Chris, are full time firefighters, avid/obsessed bowhunters as well as videographers. They have a website called .
Brian and Chriss a running amembership drive and there will be a drawing for a 3 day Turkey hunt in Oklahoma. You have the chance (100% opportunity) to hunt and shoot a Merriam or a Rio Grande. They have lands all over the state to hunt, and these boys hunt like alot of us here at the Beast. Do it Yourself, alot of spring scouting, stand locations for any wind, weather or circumstances.
Check out their site, I am DeadeyeDeb there. Sign up and maybe you can win the Turkey hunt.
You can also find them on Facebook, if you like by the same name FireupOutdoors.
i have known these guys for a couple years and they hunt like most Beasts here do. I think you will find alot of common interests with these men. In fact, they remind me alot Dan and the common statement Dan will say, "Sleep is highly overrated!!" They are, as I type about to head to Kansas for for their 1st deer hunt of the season. They will not come back empty handed, I am sure.
Please take a moment or 2 and check them out.

This post is with Dan's permission.

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