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Re: POST HERE ~ Turkey Contest Stories and Pictures 2012

Unread postby Brad » Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:42 pm

My turkey season started out with really high hopes. I had tags for 2 seasons, 1st and 4th, and I had plans on hunting 5th and 6th as well. I had been putting out trail cams a week or so before my first season to try and anticipate strutting area's and where they were hanging out. I have hunted this piece of land for 3 years so I have a good idea about how the turkeys move, where they like to feed, and of course approximately where they roost. The problem is it is about 500 acres and it is hard to get the turkeys pinched down into my comfortable bow range. I had been going out in the evenings after work and seeing where the turkey were feeding in a corner of a unplowed corn field from last year. They were there every single night and usually most mornings too.

My season started out on April 11th, and my dad had a turkey tag too. He set up about 300 yards or so away from me in a different food source and in a spot where a lot of turkeys hang out.

I put my decoys out, two hens and a jake at 15 yards and settled in about an hour before sunrise. The morning started out like most mornings, lots of toms gobbling off the roost, and then going silent until around 9-11 when they would start up again. They were not acting like they normally do in the 1st season, the spring had come early and the birds were acting like they would normally do in 4th or 5th season. They were call receptive and I did manage to call in a few toms, just not close enough for a shot. The day was going by really fast due to the constant turkeys coming and going in the fields, and being it was a huge bottomland of beans (freshly planted not sprouted yet), alfalfa, and cut corn, I could see about a half mile in front of me, and probably 3/4 of a mile in the other directions, so i was seeing a lot of birds.

I called in a very nice tom around 3 in the afternoon and he came right into my decoys, but angled off just before getting into them. I slid forward to try and kneel (they chair I was using made lots of noise and I figured it was best to not draw from a seated position), and the tom busted me and took off running back into the woods where he came from. He was honestly the biggest tom I had ever seen as far as e beard goes, it was one of them that makes you say OH my god when you saw him walk, and I had killed toms with 11 and 12 inch beards before.

I was pretty disappointed (especially since I got it on film with my bow mounted camera) and decided to hang in there and see if anything else would happen. I managed to see a lot of toms, especially right before dark where two toms came out into the field i was in, but stayed about 60 yards away from the blind.

The next morning found me in the same spot, though I turned the blind a different direction. I once again called in a tom fairly early in the morning but he worked into the decoys real slowly. Come to find out he was the same tom I messed up on the day prior. He was coming in very slowly in full strut, and I estimate it took 30 minutes to come 50 yards. Like he did the prior day, he made a angled turn right at the last minute and went out to 35 yards, and I decided to take the shot. I drew back put the pin on him, and squeezed off the release. The problem was he was walking and I missed him by 2 feet by the time the arrow got there. He took off and stopped about 100 yards away and went back into full strut for 20 minutes before finally leaving.

By this point I was getting frustrated by the many missed opportunities, and since I didn't get a tom the year before I decided to go to the truck and get my shotgun electing to use the bow later on in my other seasons. I managed to break my pair of binoculars in the process of going to the truck which just added further insult to injury, thank god I had a spare in the truck so I could still see the birds. I got the gun around 10 in the morning and sat the rest of the day. Like the day before I was seeing a lot of birds, just none inside my gun range. The day had been really chilly and since I was in a black blind on the inside, and since I didn't have a lot of heavier weight black clothes, I took a black snuggie along. I knew the entire time I was wearing it that if I shot a bird, I would never hear the end of it on here due to my wardrobe. I texted Matt (Backwoods Hunter) and told him of my snuggie strategy and he told me if I got one, to pose with it on in the hero shots. I agreed and went on with my hunt.

About an hour before dark a tom came out with a thick brushy beard but hung up 20 yards outside of gun range. He went down into the middle of the field and hung out with some hens. He got below and behind my blind and fed with the two hens for 45 minutes before starting his way back in my direction. He was going to come by inside of my range, but just at the last minute he angled out of range just like the rest of the turkeys had been doing. The hens kept coming and I noticed a pair of toms coming from the same general direction about 400 yards behind the first tom. They came in really fast and stayed just in gun range as they passed the blind. I stuck the gun barrel out to shoot the lead tom (had the bigger beard) and he saw the barrel come out. He put his head down and took 2 quick steps and I decided to shoot the 2nd tom as he was 3 feet behind and still walking with his head up. I put his head in the diamond on the scope and squeezed the trigger. Immediately he fell forward and started flopping but went down fast. I ran out and took some pictures and texted my dad to let him know what I got. He was in front of me a half mile away but could not see the 2nd and 3rd tom because of the curve of the terrain, but he had been filming the first tom and the 2 hens. He thought I shot and missed the 1st bird was was relieved to hear I hadn't missed anything. I took some self pictures and then my dad came down and we got some more including the famed snuggie shot. The tom ended up being 20 pounds, had inch spurs, and had a surprisingly nice beard at 11 7/8" inches, which made me really wonder how big the other toms were because they clearly had bigger beards.

I hunted the rest of the season with my dad and while we had some very close encounters everyday, we never managed to seal the deal and he had to wait until the 4th season to get his bird while I was at work. I hunted in the 4th and 5th season and saw a few more birds, but nothing remotely close enough to shoot.

I am very satisfied with my season, I had a great time, has some super close encounters with bow and gun, and got a nice tom. I am doing a tail fan mount and giving it to my 3 year old nephew for his room

Here are a few photo's:




And now for the "snuggie shots" or the "Snug Lock" suit as it has later been called :mrgreen: :lol:



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Re: POST HERE ~ Turkey Contest Stories and Pictures 2012

Unread postby Stan Lamont » Mon Jun 11, 2012 4:28 pm

My turkey season started in the first season when my son Brad and I went to a 500 acre farm in SW Wisconsin.We had each previously positioned our blinds where the birds were seen many times in the weeks prior to the season.The night before the start of the season we got a very windy rainstorm which blew one of my blinds about 300 yards from where I had set it up.That should have been a clue as to how my season was going to evolve.So I hunted from my second choice position and of course saw birds everywhere but where I was.But the birds were gobbling off and on all morning.That morning about 11:30 I saw this hen enter a hayfield about 200 yards away and feed parallel to me for to where about 45 minutes but the hay was too tall to tell if she had a beard or not.I didn't know then that she had a vendetta against me taking any of her boyfriends away in my truck.I hunted there all day and saw plenty of birds,just none near me.I watched Brad with turkeys near him on numerous occasions but of course I wasn't at all envious. On day On daytwo I moved my blind to where my first blind was originally located.I had birds cutting me off when I was calling,coming closer and figured this was going to be a short hunt.Then a hen walked out from where I was expecting my tom to emerge any second.She fed around for about 15 minutes and went right back in where she came out.Never heard that tom again.At about 3:00 7 jakes walked by me at 30 yards taking their time almost in single file about 5 yards from each other.But I wasn't interested in a jake with over 5 days left in the season.So I waited and watched for a few more hours until I saw several birds walk by the spot I was in the day before.I watched them head for Brad's location and after an hour or so I saw them coming back past Brad.I started filming them and saw a big tom strutting for quite a while.I heard a shot but the tom just jumped a little and walked away following 3 hens. I thought he missed but he shot a nice tom that I couldn't see due to the curvature of the sidehill.
Day three I sat in Brads blind and since 4 eyes are better than 2 he came to help any way he could.We saw toms but they were almost call shy by now. Twice that day my favorite hen came out and fed on her sidehill,feeding about 200 yards before turning around and going back in the woods where she came out. Shortly after that a nice tom walked across the valley (about 300 yards) and went into the woods where she had.
Day 4 we moved into the edge of the woods where we had seen several birds.About 9:30 a hen and a nice tom circled above us in the woods.They seemed very edgy and took a long time- close to an hour-before they started to leave. I thought I could shoot between 2 branches but found out I couldn't.
For the rest of season 1 we sat in the rain and hot weather but couldn't get any in range.
I had period 4 for my next season but hunted at a different farm on the 1st day.I saw a few but none close.So on Thursday I went back to the spot where I hunted on day 1 season 1. Same story different day early that morning.Birds would gobble their heads off but wouldn't come in.At about 9:00 I decided to pull my aggressive jake decoy and left a single hen decoy out.It was really hot with no wind that day and the birds weren't moving.At about 10:00 my favorite hen repeated her stroll in the field again out for around a half hour.By this time I hadn't heard a bird since daylight but I resisted calling since it seemed they were call shy. Finally at about 1:45 here came my hen again.She must have had a path in the hay by now cause she repeated her stroll.Just as I thought she was going to make her return trip she seemed to notice my hen decoy and started coming almost like she was on a string.She was about 77 yards when she seemed to notice the decoy and her 1st reaction was to stand up and flap her wings and fluffed up.I got the impression she was trying to intimidate the decoy.Not getting any reaction from the decoy seemed to drive her straight to the decoy! I had seen her beard when she was showing off at 77 yards so when she came in she had my attention. I waited till she got to 30 yards and she suddenly acted like she was going to leave.Since it was unbeleiveably hot and since we had bonded and become such close friends I decided to give her a ride in my truck.My 870 Wingmaster using Winchester turkey loads in #5 shot folded her right up.She never moved or twitched or anything after the shot.
She weighed 12 pounds and had a 7 1/2 inch beard. I didn't get many pictures cause I wanted to get her in where she could cool.Here are the pictures I got:


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Re: POST HERE ~ Turkey Contest Stories and Pictures 2012

Unread postby Mike.E » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:25 pm

Well better late than never, but here's my story.

Although my scouting had been starting in early January when i was getting trail camera pictures of a group of 9 toms everyday near where i hunted, my real preparations started a week before the Spring 2012 season when i first set up my blind and trial camera (opening scene of video) along of the edge of a farm field we have been given permission to hunt for the last number of years. This spot is nice because it overlooks the whole field practically, but keeps us somewhat secluded in the trees, though i don't think turkeys care much about blinds or how well i try to hide them! Only being able to be home on weekends because of school, i was suffering from withdrawals not being able to check my cameras.

After a few days, and away at school unable to check my camera, my mother sent me this picture that she pulled from the camera's SD card:


I was completely jacked up because there were 4 bearded birds in this picture, one i believe to be a bearded hen i missed last spring with my bow :cry: But i moved on and now had three toms to choose from! But my family also had turkey tags for the first period as well, and were able to bag 2 birds out of the blind i had set up, so i thought i was down to one tom to hunt, so i thought..

By the time i was able to get home to hunt it was early Friday and i didn't know where to hunt that afternoon, so as i setup a blind in a different location my mother checked the trail camera where i set up the blind the week before and the birds had just went brought the camera not ten minutes before she checked it! So i decided to sit there instead of my new spot i had just set up a half mile away. Anyways, the video shows how the rest of my day went.

Here is my video for my first week tag of the Wisconsin 2012 Turkey Season: [BBvideo 425,350]]

[bbvideo 425,350][/BBvideo]

The rest of my season did not go as planned, i purchased a tag for the 4th period but only had my weekend back from school to hunt. I took most of my time filming my hunting partner, czars, because he did not shoot a bird by then so filming him was the focus of my weekend, unless he got one, but did not unfortunately. Pictures on our trail cameras of turkeys had came to a halt after the third period, so i found no use to get another tag for a bird i could not hunt on other properties i was unable to receive permission to hunt.

Nonetheless, i am completely satisfied with my harvesting of my first spring archery gobbler. I will be watching this video for years to come to remind me of my ups and downs of emotions, and the time i was able to spend with my mother as well. Because family is very important to me and i am glad she could be their to share the experience with me!

Here is a picture of my bird from this Spring:


weight: 19.5 lbs
spurs: 7/8"
beard length: 10 5/8"
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Re: POST HERE ~ Turkey Contest Stories and Pictures 2012

Unread postby Carol » Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:35 am

QDMAMAN wrote:I can't find the instructions to post pics. Can someone help a brotha out? T
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