Scrapes used throughout the year?

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Scrapes used throughout the year?

Unread postby FCAndrews71 » Tue Jan 05, 2021 3:01 pm

Hey guys, understand it’s very early in the scouting season, but this year, the only chance I have to preseason scout is the month of January due to military obligations.

On a saltwater marsh tract that only allows October hunting, and while I haven’t found a single piece of buck sign, I did find a well used scrape from last year, very near a corridor where I got a lot of September doe travel on cam 2 years ago. It’s in an long and narrow opening (40 yards x 5 yards), with extremely heavy thicket surrounding.

A few things I’m wondering though...
1. Will deer revisit and refresh scrapes all throughout the year, or only as rut approaches?
2. Is this worth getting a tree prepped now (haven’t found any other options here yet), or save this as a spot to revisit for in season scouting, and decide to hunt based on how it looks come October?

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Re: Scrapes used throughout the year?

Unread postby DaWiz9578 » Wed Mar 24, 2021 1:47 am

FYI Im no seasoned big buck slayer, but from what Ive read and seen I believe there are scrapes that will be open all year long ("car hood" sized). Others are rut specific (smaller and probably part of a scrape line potentially). Anyone feel free to disagree or correct me.

Best way to tell would be to leave a camera hang on it and sacrifice the year to find out. Just dont do what I did and leave a camera hang all year and only get 20k picture (not joking) of a limb blowing in the wind.

If theres known traffic through there its worth a sit (not necessarily for a big buck to walk through, but to observe how the area is used), might just be doe patrol, but boots on the ground and time in the woods is your best data collection.

Sorry for the answer no answer haha.
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Re: Scrapes used throughout the year?

Unread postby DaveT1963 » Wed Mar 24, 2021 10:26 pm

I have never found a ground scrape thsts active year round. But licking branches absolutely. I personally feel too many focus on scrapes when in actuality it is the licking branch that is the key. Scrapes just appear under them at certain times, but the primary function is the licking branch.
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Re: Scrapes used throughout the year?

Unread postby Ghost Hunter » Wed Mar 24, 2021 11:13 pm

I never have seen a scrape that is active year round. I have seen community scrapes that have been opened on cool days in July or August. But, not year round.

!. Deer may pass through that area from time to time. Hang camera and see what is coming through.

2. Go ahead and prep tree. You have nothing to loose. If things get hot you are ready. Every year trees are prepped and not hunted. Because of lack of intel. You walk in there and you have good sign it would be nice to have a tree ready.
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Re: Scrapes used throughout the year?

Unread postby Deerkins » Thu Mar 25, 2021 9:14 am

They will mostly use the licking branch throughout the year. Last year, I hung multiple cell cams in scrape areas all throughout the summer and fall. Surprisingly, I had more action in late summer, then during the rut periods.

I did open up the scrapes, also took the rocks / sticks out .. and attached better licking branches to some.

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