Successful scout today

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Re: Successful scout today

Unread postby dan » Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:36 am

The bed is actually where Dan thinks it should be towards the bottom of the bowl, but still east of center. I marked it using an app on my phone while standing next to it, but it was off about 20 yards.

Makes more sense now...

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Re: Successful scout today

Unread postby tbunao » Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:55 am

dan wrote:
tbunao wrote:Productive day ZSV

Dan what is it about this set up that you would expect more consistent bedding on a north west wind?

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The bowl is pointing south with the woods entry to the North, so I would expect a buck to be in that bowl when he can scent monitor the opening. Surprisingly, the marked bed in the bowl is towards the mouth, but it is on the east side. so a N.W. wind would likely be favorable.

Makes sense. I do not have any experience with these and will have my first opportunity this sept in Ky. Cyber scouting I saw this same setup and was expecting them to be bedded with a SSW wind. Creek and wind at their back while facing the opening. I was thinking the creek would be like a buck bedded with a blow down behind them and with such a small opening in front that would make it hard for predators to get at them.

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