Can you recommend a Topo/Arial product compatable with GPS?

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Can you recommend a Topo/Arial product compatable with GPS?

Unread postby dbltmn » Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:34 am

Hi All.

I'm looking to purchase a topo mapping program and hoping to do so with arial photography included. Can anyone recommend any products? I am looking at "" They seem to have it all, and it is 30 bucks a year. looks like it would load to my gps ( I have a Garmin Colorado 400T ). Wondering if any one has used it. I would like to be able to use it to scout based on mapping then load interesting spots into my gps and head into the field.

Any thought appreciated.

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Re: Can you recommend a Topo/Arial product compatable with G

Unread postby cornfedkiller » Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:23 am

Not familiar with the Colorado, (I use the Oregon), but has topo maps for free. Search for your state, select the topo, and then you can download them and load them onto the unit.

As far as aerial photos, I know on the oregon, you can get the birds-eye imagery from garmin, but Im not sure about the Colorado...
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Re: Can you recommend a Topo/Arial product compatable with G

Unread postby KLEMZ » Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:12 am

I am not familiiar with the Digital-Top-Maps programs. Here are a couple programs that I have used.
They both offer free trials so you can fool around with them and compare to the program you're looking at. They both can be purchased for a one time fee (~ $75), as opposed to an annual fee. They both are very intuitive for organizing all you're gps information, they enable you to do you're aerial and topo pre-scouting and transfer those waypoints, routes etc. on to you're gps. They allow you to link to google earth and see all you're important information layered over any aerial available on google earth. They both have a feature that allows you to automatically make you're own custom maps (topo's or aerials) to place on you're gps. (Garmin website says the colorado 400t is discontinued, but it did say it is compatible with their new Custom Maps feature? I would call them and ask a technician about that).
I know some Beasts use only google earth to store and organize their gps information ( which would be free), but I don't know much about that, or if it is as functional as a dedicated gps program. Personally, if I were just getting into scouting with topo's, aerials, and gps I would choose the topofusion program.

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