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Re: Get Out... Buck and Bear

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:19 am
by tundra
although I use game bags, garbage bags are not going to hurt deer meat, if its a short trip. I had no idea its against the law in Wis, I have not dragged a deer in years, never understood why.... Sure I use a sled, but its usually just fill with quarters etc, less weight. If In a hurry I cut it half, and get rid of the legs,,, However in 2013 when I still had to register the old way, the game warden told me, the feet must also come out, and he just gave me a verbal warning, and showed me the regs, as to what page that was on,,,,,,

NO way I am dragging deer, unless I can not get a atv to it, it gets cut,,,,,,,, pretty simple,,,,,, to do