EHD questions

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EHD questions

Unread postby deerhunterdon » Thu May 02, 2013 5:24 am

My best hunting area is about 10,000 acres. it is mostly marsh areas. because of this the flies that transmit EHD were everywhere last year. The deer kill was pretty much reported as severe. Over a hundred deer were reportedly found along the river banks. My sources which are pretty reliable (Inside dnr) said to quadruple this number. He told my son and I three weeks before season opened ,all our deer were dead. Not one buck was on any of our trail cam pics for three weeks, and we had not even told him that yet. we decided to hunt the first three days just to see what happened. I hunted my best spots where I would almost always see a couple small bucks and 10 does per hunt. Nothing. We found 5 to 7 deer dead in each of our areas without even trying. One of our sources took the dnr on his air boat down the rivers and founds 100s of deer , including huge bucks. they had the pictures to prove it. there is a federal area that is restricted to 100 hunters bow only, no guns, that is butted up against the state side that is 10,000 acres as well. the Feds reported the same situation on their side. both of these areas are limited access areas, permit only. only 50 gun hunters on the state side per year, no guns on federal. I want to scout this area for rubs to get a better idea of the damage and how many deer remain in these areas. These areas held the biggest bucks on public land for a 100 miles. How long can I reasonably expect before this area is worth hunting again. Im not really familiar with EHD , but Im sure some of you have been through this. unbelievably heartbreaking . I love this area.

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Re: EHD questions

Unread postby seeds » Thu May 02, 2013 10:10 am

I've also talked to folks in the DNR because of large numbers of EHD deaths in the areas I hunt. They seemed much less concerned than I am. However,I'm in the CWD zone:With EHD.CWD,AND a 45 total day firearm season,the deer herd is still "over goal".

I was told that if the habitat is good,deer will filter in from surrounding areas.

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