Public land... mishaps

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Re: Public land... mishaps

Unread postby Swampzilla » Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:07 pm

Buckinator wrote:I just went in for a sit last night after work. A spot I thought was overlooked and has good sign coming out most every season and I've narrowed it down to the last two weeks of october. I mean its not far off the main trail where everyone and their dog walks by.
I'm a bit late getting to the public and there is one other truck there. I have high hopes. I get back to the area and there is a guy in a tree maybe 75 yards back from where I was going to setup. I'm a bit late so I concede the area to him and back out and setup plan B. I have one doe come by about 30-40 yards after dark while packing up that he most likely kicked up. I had my headlamp on and everything and the doe never busted out.
Anyways I meet up with the guy on the main trail, turns out he's a local warden and he shows me some of the nice bucks he's got on camera back there, what time and part of the season they have been most active, tells me where he heard a buck making a scrape (right where I was headed) What was a mishap turned into a wealth of information and a new facebook friend. It being my first sit and running late I may have blown the area out. Next right wind I'm back in there...ahead of schedule.

It’s comments like this that give me faith that there are other good people still left on the public grounds. Sadly the last several years for me has been nothing but negative encounters. Last year I was in a area with my climber with no other stands in sight. A guy walks in on me with a hour left of light (also using a climber) and continues to cuss me out using every name in the book for “taking his spot”... I didn’t even get a word out before this happened. I’m a reasonable guy and always think “if I’m having issues maybe I’m part of the issue?” But in this previous case I don’t know how I could of not triggered this man.

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Re: Public land... mishaps

Unread postby fenderbender62 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 1:01 am

People in general are nuts these days.

Remember that 50% of the people you encounter on a daily basis are below the average IQ
what one man can do another can do
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Re: Public land... mishaps

Unread postby SadlHunter2020 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 2:24 am

We've had a tough season here in sw missouri,
I've hunted mostly public land in my hunting career.
Last year takes the cake. In missouri on conservation areas four-wheelers trucks and the like are prohibited, last year a good buddy of mine and I were hunting a section and start hearing a four wheeler on the adjoining private property, and then we noticed it getting louder and louder, next thing that happens is they fly past my buddy (who at the time was pulling a ground game hunt) and here's the kicker. They even had a rifle with them which probably concerning part for their safety.

Needless to say it was reported by the 5 people that saw them
And my most unenjoyable moment was when a 50 year old guy tried running me out of "his spot" and politely told him my stand had been in that location for roughly a month. Gotta love dealing w unreasonable people.
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Re: Public land... mishaps

Unread postby briar » Sun Oct 18, 2020 8:12 am

if i see somebody, I just try to get them to setup right there. They get their hunt and i don't have them tromping around anymore

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