This may ruffle feathers.

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Re: This may ruffle feathers.

Unread postby blackwidow » Sat Oct 03, 2020 2:45 am

I happen to hunt on private that I own, private that I have permission on, and public as well. I don't see that any mature buck on any of those places is easy to kill. The only thing that would make it easier is the fact that the private places happen to have more mature bucks. That certainly does make it easier, but not easy.

To each his own on whatever property a guy decides to hunt. Except for high fence hunting and paying to shoot tame deer. That's not hunting anyways, so it doesn't really matter.

I think part of the issue anymore with people being skeptical of others success stems from the fact that so many so called "professional hunters" have been busted over the years and nobody really knows if something was done 100% fair chase. That's the way that I see things anyways. I think that another turn off for a lot of guys is the fact that a lot of these big deer are just being used to pimp some products. It's a shame the lengths that some will go to to kill a big buck so that they can pad their wallets.

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Re: This may ruffle feathers.

Unread postby E72 » Sat Oct 03, 2020 5:15 am

I thought this article would be good to add to this discussion . ... challenge/
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Re: This may ruffle feathers.

Unread postby Boogieman1 » Sat Oct 03, 2020 8:26 am

Nothing ruffled on my end. I hunt a pretty health dose of both. I’m more of a get in where I fit in type of hunter. If a friend tells me I’m more than welcomed to hunt his back 40 I don’t go through a process of wondering what others might think.

To me the biggest perk of private is the deer camp aspect. The rigidity cabin, oh if those walls could speak. The fire pit where Uncle Joe drank a few to many and fell in the fire. The old permanent stands with many memories made. Those deer camp days of my youth are some of my greatest memories. I simply don’t get those memories when I hunt public. Great memories as well but just different.

What someone thinks of me or the places I do my killing is no concern of mine. All I can do is be honest about it. Feel bold lies is the reason a lot of hunters get hostile. I hunt for ME and my own reasons. If that makes me half the hunter as someone else great and pass a brotha a Busch Light!
“When standing on the walls of the Alamo the outcome has already been decided. All that’s left is to kill as many as you can.”

-Beth Dutton-
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Re: This may ruffle feathers.

Unread postby iowa whitetail » Sun Oct 04, 2020 1:37 am

Jealousy. I have my own farm, not given to me. A farm my wife and I bought. 160 acres is all. I spend way more time than anybody public hunting does on deer. I've planted my food plot 4 times this year because of no rain. I dont have a deer over 140 on cam and I dont have thousands of acres of public to go hunt.

People get mad at private hunters but its simply just a Jealousy thing or to make one feel better about not mentally being able to hold out for anything bigger than that first 125 that walks by. High fence isn't my thing, never will be.

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