Favorite stool for ground hunting

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Re: Favorite stool for ground hunting

Unread postby Edcyclopedia » Thu Jul 16, 2020 11:28 pm

Note from MOM - Don not sit on stools... She also taught me not to pee into the wind :lol:
Milk crate, 5 gal pail or cuddled into a tree on a downward hill

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Re: Favorite stool for ground hunting

Unread postby deer365 » Fri Jul 17, 2020 3:29 am

I recently bought a turkey stool for ground hunting this year. I've been practicing several times a week shooting my bow off of it in the yard. It's light, comfortable and the way the legs are designed it will work for a variety of different terrain and they don't sink in the mud. So far I'm really happy with it and I think it's going to work out well. I'm really going to try to focus on areas that don't have a lot of good trees and hopefully I will be able to get away from a lot of people and find less pressured deer by doing so. I don't ever see myself gun hunting out of a treestand again unless I just absolutely have to. One of my goals this year is to kill one off the ground and I'm looking forward to it. Below is a link to the turkey stool I'm using if anyone is interested.

https://www.bowhuntingoutlet.com/hs-str ... gJcRvD_BwE
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Re: Favorite stool for ground hunting

Unread postby Dewey » Fri Jul 17, 2020 5:05 am

Dewey wrote:I like the looks of that Waldrop seat. Looks quality made with great features.

I contacted Dave Waldrop who hand makes these seats and he told me delivery is about 6 weeks out right now. It looks like a great design with some very well thought out features but wondering what makes it worth $250? Pretty expensive for a hunting chair so I would like to hear more about what exactly is so good about it by those who actually own one. I have no problem at all spending the money for quality stuff so convince me it's worth it.


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