Wheeewhooo That Smelllll

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Wheeewhooo That Smelllll

Unread postby Filj59 » Tue Nov 19, 2019 7:58 pm

Please enlighten fellow beasters. I’ve been in an area where it STUNK, and can only assume the MAN has been in there. Saw sign, have occasional pictures, and knew that was his bedding area (but never found a “bed”).

But here’s my question - I walked downwind of a thicket and the smell has never knocked me on my before like this, like rank buck smell. My question is - what do you do?

Terrain - Mostly delta/flat land all around. But this is a random high ridge thicket right next to bottoms, but also this is young oaks/CRP that you couldn’t hang any stand on, even saddle hunting.

What would you do? I can’t pattern these deer at all. I have a saddle, climber, lock-on with sticks, ghost blind, all means, I’m at a loss on trying to set up on em....

Any advice would help. Thanks in advance

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Re: Wheeewhooo That Smelllll

Unread postby PublicLand » Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:04 pm

Probably watching you from his bed. Several times I had the wind pick up and smelled a buck, I froze sat and killed him. My view is we can only smell the animal from much distance. Good luck
Curious how far away folks think you can smell a scrape. Or bed
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Re: Wheeewhooo That Smelllll

Unread postby KRONIIK » Wed Nov 20, 2019 12:34 am

I think what I would do would be to walk in mid-day from upwind, making some noise and letting your scent drift into that area at the same time, maybe talking like a couple hikers, etc.
This would get him sneaking out of the area while you were still a long ways off.
(If you try to stalk in, you might get too close before spooking him which could cause him to lose the secure feeling that bed affords him, perhaps prompting him to abandon it and find a better one.)

When you're pretty sure he's gone, circle back downwind until you smell his bed again. Then drop milkweed and follow the drift backwards a few steps at a time moving sideways as needed to keep the rutty smell in your nose.
That should get you walking right up onto his bed.

Set up a bit downwind as terrain and trail sign dictates and kill him in a "bump and dump" the next morning or even later that afternoon if you get can set up early enough in the afternoon.

The bugaboo would most likely be your scent trails; hard to fail to leave scent but he may not freak out if when he crosses one if he initially took you for a noisy hiker.

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