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Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:19 am
by comeback_kid
I could use some clarification on the definition of stacking.

1. is it hunting the buck down by sitting multiple stands in an area to eventually run across him?

2. is part of the idea that by sitting areas this will eventually move him to one area b/c he will avoid those previously hunted spots due to my scent that's there?

Re: Stacking

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 6:40 am
by <DK>
Partially. The second comment is closest to what youre asking.

It means the day of the hunt you jump him strategically to push him to a different bedding area you already know about.


It could mean you bump him multiple times in row to ruin that bedding area so he uses a different one. It depends on the deer. Very situational.

Honestly this is not something i would intentionally do or suggest someone doing just on a whim. Youd have to know the property well and get very lucky. If the deer is stubborn or feels very safe on the property then could be a good strategy.

Back to your second comment. Yes - over hunting a spot would or should accomplish this but that would be a process. Very touchy. I think the best strategy w that is knowing your property and as hunting pressure rises you know where their winter beds are and they should move there by a certain time of the season. There could be situations where the buck has a rock solid spot. Wind conditions are un-huntable and/or in-accessible and you need him in a different spot to setup.

The best way to learn is winter scouting and bumping does. You bump them, give it a few then keep going that direction and youll keep running into them. One issue you could find (which has recently been discussed here) is bumping a buck and he loops around only to return to the same bedding area, later the same day.

I was lucky enough to kill both of my 2017 bucks by stacking them. Not intended whatsoever but it worked. My archery buck I was accessing through a creek to a pre scouted spot I found. I jumped him bedded lower elevations in a early season bed. He ran towards the bedding area i was going to hunt. A nice thick clear cut ridge. The plan was to cheat the wind, which worked that day. I just have it a bit and decided to head forward w the original plan. He had a false sense of security exiting the bedding area and it worked like a charm. I got really lucky. My rifle buck was soley bc I ran into Ameren workers in a spot I wanted to hunt so I continued deeper in the timber to catch deer bailing out of the area. 5mins of sitting down here he come to the secondary bedding i was in.

So it does work but I would not do that intentionally.

Re: Stacking

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 1:48 am
by comeback_kid
So I remember Dan talking about a property he hunted where he just like grid hunted the buck down by sitting various areas and crossing them off the list if the buck was not there. So that is not what stacking is, just to confirm?