Loose Lips Sink Ships

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Re: Loose Lips Sink Ships

Unread postby Buckfever » Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:52 pm

I wouldn't worry about it. Hunting a "spot" successfully is much more than just knowing a spot. In archery hunting setting a stand just 50 yards off takes you completely out of the game. Knowing when to hunt and with which wind and having the correct entry and exit make it a complex thing to do successfully. Maybe you lose a season if they go in and mess it up a bit but that would probably be the worse case scenario. On the public I hunt there are guys within 100 yards of me all the time, they see deer but they never see anything good. Truth be told they push the movement into the cover I'm hunting.

They might be into hunting, but guys that are looking for a spot, don't have your skills.

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Re: Loose Lips Sink Ships

Unread postby bigbucks1234 » Thu Nov 14, 2019 1:06 am

This is the flip side of the coin,,, I would rather not even hear about a big bucks location from another hunter. I like to get on deer from my own doing and inadvertently hearing about a biggun kinda ruins that for me.. It's to the point where i really only talk to my boys and a couple brothers about where im at.. If i would hear about a big deer i would simply stay out. It ain't worth it to me.
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Re: Loose Lips Sink Ships

Unread postby cuttiebrownbo » Thu Nov 14, 2019 2:57 am

I hunt out a camp and I put my brother on a large buck, that he ended up missing, and my dad decided to 'trim out' shooting lanes and put a ladder stand for my grandfather. This was my best, consistent early season buck spot until it was completely ruined.

That was 4 years ago and no one has seen a deer out there but there is two more stands on the same ridge because of it. I didn't hunt it once after the ladder stand got put up because it disgusted me.

I bring this up at least 10 times a year and now my dad doesn't get to walk/scout with me. I lie when I shoot bucks and where I hunt. This year I shot a buck way down over the side of a mountain that has a old logging road not far. I purposely drug out a 175 dressed weight buck 250 yards side hilling and into an even tougher spot to access and then took him down to the road for retrieval.

My brother let some information slip last year and I straight up told him that if he ever did again that I would never tell him where to go again. The correct answer when asked 'what did you see?!?' is 'nothing, very quiet night. I am not having a very good year'

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