Farm Country Bedding...How Many Hunts per Spot

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Farm Country Bedding...How Many Hunts per Spot

Unread postby SD_Bowhunter » Thu Oct 31, 2019 1:40 am

I hunt the eastern Dakotas and it seems that bucks tend to move around a decent amount and not necessarily bed in the same spot all the time. The predicament I am in is whether I should give some of the bedding areas I have identified more than 1 or 2 sits in October. I know Dan will usually hit an area and then move farther in or relocate, but many of the bedding spots I am hunting are very small patches of brush out in the middle of CRP field or next to a cattail slough and you cant really push in any further since you can see everything around the bed already.

Anybody else hunt similar terrain and what have you observed with frequency of bedding in the same location for mature deer?

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Re: Farm Country Bedding...How Many Hunts per Spot

Unread postby DaveT1963 » Thu Oct 31, 2019 1:52 am

Prairie whitetails have limited cover. But there really isn't a single best answer. i have some set ups i can get in/out without alerting any deer unless the wind shifts. others its a one and done type scenario. Timing and what the bucks are focused on also comes into play. Also, each buck is so different on what he will tolerate/not tolerate. Try multiple sits where it makes sense - if you start seeing less deer you will know. Just don't be afraid to try - even an empty sit can teach you something.
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Re: Farm Country Bedding...How Many Hunts per Spot

Unread postby Prairie Sasquatch » Thu Oct 31, 2019 2:12 am

I hunt eastern ND so same conditions as you. Do you know the bucks are using these spots from recent observations? My best luck is watching one day and hunting the next. Since there aren’t trees it’s almost impossible to look for rubs to find travel routes. My observation is that they bed in an “area” and you have to set up on some type of terrain funnel or pinch they use to get where they are going which is close to the bedding “area”. The area my be several acres.

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