Thoughts on a morning hunting strategy

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Thoughts on a morning hunting strategy

Unread postby DhD » Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:49 am

I know one of the issues with hunting mornings is the J-hook, deer scent checking bedding on the way in, and busting you. The other is that they get to bed before dark. A lot of guys seem to try to get in way early to combat this, and guess on the size of the hook. I had a thought on how to maybe use that as an advantage instead.

My thought was, maybe wait until grey light or even right before the sun actually comes up. I believe wind or rain/snow would help here. At that point you could slip in, VERY slowly to the edge of the bedding area. Again, my initial thought was to do this with a ghillie suit on and hunt on the ground. With a little cover sound it's possible to get pretty close if you go slow enough. I believe trying to get into a tree would get you busted. You could hang out on that edge look for deer getting up to stretch/feed/drink, or attempt a stalk from there. Mornings with a strong wind shift cold be good here as well, as the deer may move a bit according to wind. So, do you think you could avoid that morning scent check by purposely going in after you know the deer is bedded?

It's probably not optimal strategy, or something I would do in my best spots. However, I think it gives me another chance to hunt, and I think can at least learn something. Even if it's just how close you can get sneaking in, in a Ghillie suit, before you blow out the whole area.

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Re: Thoughts on a morning hunting strategy

Unread postby Hawthorne » Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:05 am

Blind calling in a bedding area on a morning hunt works well. I shot one last year in the morning blind calling and can remember a few others. Do some soft grunts every 20 minutes. You have to be set up before daylight and in the thick cover. The deer aren’t expecting a hunter to be in there. I’ve done this on heavy pressured public. The one I shot last year I believe was bedded within 100yds from me. And got up after he heard my grunts

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