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hunt plan

Unread postby Ryanbaker » Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:47 pm

i am new to the hunting beast website. I wanted to ask the opinions of others regarding my hunting tactic this year. I have never hunted buck beds and this year i plan to focus on the beds. i live in western Pa. The public land i plan to hunt is primarily marsh, and hill country. My plan is to hunt early morning (2 hours before daylight) and use a climber. i will get 25- 50 yards from the bed. I plan to hunt the points where i have located buck beds. I will hunt the beds on specific winds based on there location on the point.
i have not located any beds in the marsh but i have a few spots on marked my ONX maps app. i plan to check the spots out this weekend. When i hunt the marsh i will go into the the bedding area well before daylight. I will use a hang on the hunt as close to the bed as i can get.
Our season in Pa archery season opens October 5. This gives me a little time prior to the season. I also thought about putting up cameras up in the bedding a going back three weeks before the season starts and log information about the buck movement. The only concern i have with this tactic is that i may bump the bucks from their bedding areas and my information will be useless.

I just picked up some dvds off this site so hopefully this will help also. I appreciate any help thanks Ryan.

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Re: hunt plan

Unread postby Jdw » Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:53 pm

I have hunted in bedding areas by accessing 2-3 hours before daylight and have not killed using that tactic.
I have had several bucks come in in the dark but they have moved on or busted me before light.
I have hunted bedding in the morning around cold fronts and the rut and caught bucks coming back late.
IMO it is tough to set up over a bed in the AM. If you’re going to try it get as many factors in your favor as possible before you hunt it.

I would keep the cameras outside the bedding and monitor the activity from a safe distance.
In my experience mature bucks don’t tolerate repetitive intrusion into their bedding.
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Re: hunt plan

Unread postby oldrank » Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:03 pm

You may have trouble getting in that close in the morning. The bucks will scent check the beds before entering. Dan calls this the J hook. If you can get just outside of his J hook you can still kill them. It might be a little further out. What I have seen is they will follow a transition line of some sort. Be it an inside transition in a swamp or an outside transition on a thicket. If you can figure that out you will kill bucks for years doing the same pattern if it's a good bed.

I wouldn't recommend a cam on the bed. Maybe on a travel route somewhere. Bedding is very pressure sensitive. The deer want a safe area without human intrusion. You can burn them quick if your in and out to much.

I would recommend the Hill country DVD n Marsh bedding DVD for a start. Get all of them if you can. Watch them over and over and over.
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Re: hunt plan

Unread postby Ryanbaker » Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:48 am

I appreciate the input. I plan to learn trails close the the bedding. Hopefully this will get me close without spooking the buck. i just purchased some videos off of the hunting beast. i hope that this will provide me with better hunting techniques. i plan to pick up three more off of the hunting beast on Friday.

Thanks again. if any other ideas come to mind please tell me your thoughts.
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Re: hunt plan

Unread postby Primetime41 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:57 am

If you're new to this I would recommend sticking to afternoons as much as possible. You're gonna find that AM hunts over beds are tough for a few reasons. 1. Bucks will scent-check the beds. You may think you know the trails, but those are likely exit trails. 2. For the most part, mature bucks will be in bed well before daylight. Setting up 75-100 yards from the bed on an exit trail will yield better results.

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