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Mobile Hunting Systems

Unread postby tundra » Tue Jan 15, 2019 7:48 am

I love this thread, and I hope I am not being redundant, but was wondering what guys use, for their set ups...... I set up my system mostly as a senior citizen and was wondering what other seniors are using.... closing in on 70 now, I have had to adjust..... If I was 35 again, I would be looking at some of the new stuff, like what Mr. Infalt is putting out...... but I am going to get them sticks, if I can

I hunt either large swamps, of the UP, or the bluffs of SW Wis, where we have a camp on private land, in Vernon County. I have my own system for bluff hunting, and it includes, moving, and a lot......

Anyway, if it matters I was always looking to shave off weight. Presently I have the Millenium M7 hang on, and I use only 1 stick, sometimes I use also a mini along with it. I had to modify the strap on the M7, went to a old LW strap, for it,,,,,,, on the bluffs this is the ticket for me,,, I can be set up, quickly and quietly, and move fast if I need too.......

I have a Summit SD Climber,,,, this is comfortable, but not for the mobile hunter,,,, so only use the seat if its cached in the woods.. Otherwise all I use, is the bottom, and I use my lineman hook up, to lean back a little, and make a move up. once set I tether in.... if needed I have a little wrap around tree seat if I want to sit down, but mostly I am up, and on high alert......

We only have 64 acres in Vernon, so believe me that is not nearly enough land, so I am all over the place,,,, and still get on land, just by asking once in awhile, and I focus on what public I can find.....

This year, I also went to the Millenium Tree Seat, and I removed the carrying strap, and put back pack straps on it. this was very effective on the hillsides, as I could set up quiet...... Here I shoot a compound, so with the let off, I can easily make 30 to 40 yard down hill shots. do not want them in that close, or I get busted, being low,,,,,,,

If I was younger, might try the saddle, but I know guys love them, but to me, too much movement, and your sky lighted too much,,,, but that is me

My m7 was the lightest stand I could find 2 years ago....... One thing I see with the younger hunters, is all the junk they carry in for the day to hunt,,,, but different times,,,,,

stay well

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