Hang and Hunt FRESH snow. Best Tips on fresh sign?

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Hang and Hunt FRESH snow. Best Tips on fresh sign?

Unread postby johndeere506 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:21 am

3-5 inches in South Ohio this Saturday. Ill be hunting Sunday and maybe Monday all day, scouting mid day to hang and hunt. What are your best tips on how to pick where to hunt? The first scouting I will get will be only morning travel, so trying to key in on that guessing on evening travel. Its hill country with a thicket down low they are in, that's my best guess after what I saw last weekend. Im only looking for mature bucks, but all tracks are helpful at least. The morning hunt ill be hunting my best guess on where they head back into the thicket.

It seems rare down there for a good snow and a perfectly timed trip so I want to take full advantage, even if I dont tag one just to SEE the recent travel.

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