Non existent big bucks

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Re: Non existent big bucks

Unread postby Thesouthpaw » Wed Oct 03, 2018 12:35 am

Boogieman1 wrote:My belief is the more pressure there is usually results in more younger deer being killed which in return leads to less mature deer. Even on overlooked spots on high pressured ground there's not many. Guess it all comes down to each of our opinion on what qualifies as mature. Some guys circumstances consider a 2.5 mature while others in more restricted states consider it 5.5!

End of the day a buck can't read public signs, but he can find a large track that isn't getting stomped all over and being forced to move in daylight which he knows makes him volnurable.

I don't have the option of giant tracks of public. There is no overlooked spots on 200 acres with 6 parking areas. I rely heavily on public spots that for one reason or another were not intended for hunting and no one thinks to hunt. Around here with over a 2 month rifle season it's the only method I know of to give myself a legit chance. It's hard to shoot what is not there. Some might frown on my methods or think I'm full of BS but I promise ya u come to a state with 1% public land and with 75% of hunters who can't afford to lease there's just no over looked area in marked public grounds.

You hit the nail right on the head. Different areas, seasons, and pressure, mean different definitions of maturity.

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Re: Non existent big bucks

Unread postby d_rek » Wed Oct 03, 2018 12:59 am

mipubbucks24 wrote:
Boogieman1 wrote:too many access points, most of the younger age class deer are killed during gun, land is chopped into smaller sections making everything relitivly easy to access.

1000% agree. There is a fairly large tract of public near me (7000 acres) but with easy access to each section. Plus there are walking trails that easily take you as deep as you want to go on the public. Makes it hard to get away from other people sometimes.
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Re: Non existent big bucks

Unread postby bowfreak8 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 1:42 am

oldrank wrote:
bowfreak8 wrote:I think back to a THP episode where they were hunting a piece of very highly pressured public. On that Public was a giant 6 or 7 year old deer. That deer lived in a very small area where he had tons of natural advantages that helped him stay alive. Even with those guys knowing where he lives they were unsuccessful in killing him.

Could you shoot me a link to that episode if possible.
It's day 31 from 2017 titled Giant buck at 30 yards

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