La public land pine plantation vs beast style.

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La public land pine plantation vs beast style.

Unread postby A5BLASTER » Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:23 am

Any of the members here from Louisiana care to share tips with me how they linked the beast style to our unique terrain here in NWLA.

I'm a public land hunter 100% corn piles and box and ladder stands just hold no interest to me at all.

Been hunting a small wma near my house for a few years and have done ok killed a few deer and one nice buck but just finished my second season bow hunting and changed how I hunt from a rifle so spent the season back in the woods and seen plenty of deer and had several chances at 4 different bucks but always seemed to get busted.

Seemed to be having a real hard time finding the right set of signs and terrain to bet set up in the right spot to seal the deal.

This upcoming season I will be using the methods from hill country bedding so got some time to rewatch it and try to learn all I can and put it to use.

The wma I hunt is typical NWLA public land, planted pine with oaks in the creek bottoms, super thick brush.

Pines range in size from 50' to fresh replant clear cut.

Heavily pressured during the gun seasons on it, as for as bow season pressure other then my best friend that comes for a few days each year I have only seen 1 other hunter during the two seasons bow hunting on it.

It is surrounded by private land that is heavily hunted and deer leases that are heavily hunted as well.

Sorry if I seem like I'm rambling, feel free to ask me questions about the ground I hunt, more info I can give y'all the better y'all can help me figure out how to use this system on the ground I hunt.

Thanks for any and all reply and help.

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