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Re: Keep the Fire Burning

Unread postby Southern Man » Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:57 am

Stanley wrote:Hunting is not a job you don't have to go. If you are not having fun take some time off from it. I miss way more hunting days now than I did when I was younger. Hunt when you want, and how much you want. It's not a life or death situation, so don't try and hunt like it is. :think:

I agree. I love to hunt. And I love to be in the woods, productive or not. There are times I like better then others but I love anytime I'm out there. If I don't have the want to, I don't go. Having a long season, regardless of weapon, if I want to go, I'll be there.

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Re: Keep the Fire Burning

Unread postby Stanley » Sun Apr 15, 2018 3:05 am

JoeRE wrote:I use to be a lot more bipolar about hunting. Hit a high then hit a crash. Now I am better at just letting it flow. If I don't feel like hunting I just don't. I sat out almost the whole month of November last year because I didn't feel like hunting. I was super busy but probably could have squeezed out a hunt or two, but why do it if you don't want to? I don't regret that, no need to try to be macho and impress others. We will see what next fall brings...

Absolutely correct. I'm not going to go hunting because it's hunting season. I'm going to go hunting because I'm pumped and anxious to go. I want to have fun and make hunting fun to go. When I was young I didn't know how to manage my hunting enthusiasm. I went every day twice a day because I thought I needed to, to be successful. Now I hunt when I want, and have more energy/enthusiasm when I do go hunting.
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Re: Keep the Fire Burning

Unread postby mainebowhunter » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:08 am

Same as some of you guys mentioned. Same thing with scouting. If I don't feel it, I go home. Tend to hunt pretty relaxed.

I avoid burnout by off season scouting a ton. Keeps everything fresh.Plus, I just don't have to kill something.
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Re: Keep the Fire Burning

Unread postby Uncle Lou » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:10 am

The last few seasons, October has been my busiest work month (I know I have to straighten out my priorities) so that has really shortened my hunting season.

But mixing things up keep me going if I do get close to burn out. That includes chasing something besides deer, or even changing locations. Some times some new scenery and new challenges keep it from getting old.
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Re: Keep the Fire Burning

Unread postby Bonehead » Thu Apr 19, 2018 4:23 am

At this point in my hunting career I do not have to kill a good buck every year to have a successful season, and I feel no pressure from anyone else to do so. Sadly that wasn’t always the case. In my youth I felt I was a failure if I didn’t have a successful season that resulted in a mature bucks demise by my hand.
Since the only real pressure I have, is what I put on myself, I find I enjoy my time in the woods and take a break anytime I do not feel motivated to go out.
I try to keep in reasonable shape and I find that helps keep me focused when I’m on stand. It can be a grind sometimes, but if I see a mature buck, even if it’s way out of range...that will instantly recharge my motivation if it’s lacking :dance: ...I’m weird like that I guess.

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