Dan and johns debate scent control

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Dan and johns debate scent control

Unread postby Rob loper » Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:46 am

Well i want to say i listened to the three series podcasts on scent control. I am a fan of both john and dan and was very interested in hearing this topic.i have all of their movies and all of johns books i have chatted with john one on one on the phone a few times he is a great guy I currently own 2 sets of scent lok suits and i do think scent lok works to a point and i use it but i still hunt the wind and i actually follow johns scent control regiment except the shower and couple other things. Who has time to stop work go get a shower which if its a hot shower it makes your pores open and trap scent molecules after you get out then get in truck and drive for hours to hunt site then walk to stand then climb into stand ( which when i climb i sweat my :())$ off. So to me the shower is not worth the time i know some of johns hunting spots are hours from his house
Secondly i really wasnt impressed how dan was treated on the podcast. Not that he was attacked or told he was wrong or anything. But i got out of it that the interviewer (which i know nothing about and dont know from adam pretty new to all the cyber info out there so considering my view). He was a fan of john more and was askng dan alot of loaded questions after asking john a certain question. The whole format in my opinion was kind of one sided for john and dan was left answering kinda loaded questions. Dan is by far the best most honest and laid back dude out there helping people get better doing what they love to do and dan is not recieving (as far as i know) thousands in hunting clothes every year either so he did not sell out to the commercial side of hunting not that john did either but john does get compensated for workshops articles written by mainstream magazines expos and public speaking appearances
Im a fan of john too but john seems to be hiding or not telling all what is going on in his stardom in the deer hunting world. I just feel he is not telling everything or hiding somthing that has helped him be a top deer hunter in the world. I dont know what it is and again i like john and dont want to insult anyone but with john i just get a vibe somthing isnt right and being a retired corrections officer i am usually pretty good at telling if someone is hiding or not revealing everything about themselves
Anyway i wasnt very impressed with the podcast format and how it was laid out. Even in the beginning the interviewer stated he made the statements and answers seperate cause it would be a jerry springer episode
The one thing i loved was dans statement that when most hunters get successful they get cocky and stop learning so they stop opening their minds to other ideas , methods, and tactics. It was a statement that hit me like a truck
I thougt wow that was powerful and makes total sense
Our egos get into the way of so much in this world
I myself have been like this with not only deer hunting but alot of things that happen and are in my life today
My point is who is right? Noone is right. The only ones that can really tell you who are right are the english speaking whitetails who live in the north Korean Peninsula lmao. which none can talk to but that psycho leader kim juan jung or what ever his name is.
Just hunt stay positive be positive its never wrong or weak to ask someone for help. Lend an ear it could save a life.

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