Should I report Violations?

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Re: Should I report Violations?

Unread postby Pa outdoorsman » Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:40 pm

Jonny wrote:
Pa outdoorsman wrote:
Jonny wrote:
Pa outdoorsman wrote:Not sure what state some of you are in, but here in Pa, we are allowed to leave stands up during the season, and I do, I have sets for myself, but also my wife, who can not use a climber due to back issues, and sometimes cant hunt the stands I put up due to her pain, and uses a blind instead, I do find it ironic that you would admit to breaking the rules yet report those who do, and yes I do believe that there are different degrees of violations, like poaching, baiting or trespassing!

So the point I'm trying to make is, who determines what are reportable violations? the fact is, a law broken is a law broken!

Sorry, I had to play devils advocate...

It really depends on what type of public land you hunt. Is it state, county, or federal? Is it managed forest? They all have their own regulations. I hunt 2 counties. One allows stands to be up all year, and allows baiting. The other, stands come down every day, but you can use screw in steps. And no baiting. Oh and I have a spot I hunt where my tree is in one county, and I shoot into the other. So I can leave it up all season, but hunt the other county legally.

I have left my stand up overnight where it is not allowed. But only if I leave in the dark, and come back before light. If its gone when I get back, that's the risk I take. As far as what I deem reportable, there is no right answer. That is totally up to you. There is no law saying I have to report everything I find, so I'm not doing anything wrong by not reporting things. It's just an ethics thing, which is a very highly opinionated area. What I see as ethical, another might not.

I see many laws in wisconsin that simply punish the honest man. There are always guys who go out and chainsaw shooting lanes, and put bait, and put up illegal stands regardless of rules. All those laws do is stop the honest guy who really wouldn't do what they are hoping to prevent. If somebody wants to break a rule, they will. So yeah what I do is a gray area. I break rules because I view it as the ethical thing to do, and don't see it impacting anybody else.

I totally support the guys who do everything by the book. But I think there is also a point where enough is enough, and you simply can't do everything in life perfectly legal. It just isn't feasible. I see it with lots of things in life. Ever try driving without ever going above the speed limit? Sometimes it's downright dangerous to do so.

I get what you are saying. It is ironic that I go out and break rules, but also have reported illegal stuff. But in the end, I do what I deem to be the best solution to a situation. I ran into a baiter last year. Some might report it, but after talking to the guy, I didn't. And have zero regrets about it. I also regret not turning in family members who put out 20+ illegal stands to claim areas.

So the right answer is do what you think is best. I just try to be consistent.

I agree, like I said, just playing devils advocate, I think as hunters/outdoorsman, sometimes we are on a slippery slope between what is legal and what is right.
I am always curious as to how others apply their local game laws, some of which are so obviously stupid that its hard to believe that they exist..

Like no hunting on sundays? :lol:


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Re: Should I report Violations?

Unread postby cw2gsp » Fri Nov 17, 2017 3:11 am

matt1336 wrote:
Rich M wrote:Pretty much.

I carry pruners much of the time. I also don't know if I'm allowed to use them - an unintentionally deflected arrow in the guts or a branch clipped with hand pruners? Not a tough call IMO. The hand pruners are more for crossing thru areas with lots of thorny vines - life is nicer using the pruners.

I was poking fun at Dewey and Rut.

Yup. Call me a violator if you want...I’m not saying anyone is, but I use my pruners all the time walking in climbing up the tree and while in the stand. You’re exactly right, I’m not risking a wounded animal or a chance at an animal I want to shoot due to a rule that is the equivalent to j walking down a quiet street in a subdivision.

Yep pretty spot on here. I get it a law is a law and I go out of my way all the time to not break game laws but I'm not risking my safety while climbing a tree or wounding a deer because I’m ignoring common sense of trimming a couple limbs which is a simple act of mother nature really. Never been a sheep never will. If your calling in a guy when you see him with a screw in bow hanger than you got too much time on your hands. Spend your efforts picking up trash around your parking spot… that’s what I do. Every time I go out I try to grab at least one piece of trash at the public parking area.

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