Buck bed in bottom during rut

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Buck bed in bottom during rut

Unread postby JonNc » Sun Sep 03, 2017 1:15 am

I recently got out to scout some gamelands that I will have access to later in the season (late part of the rut). I found 4 beds and one of them was one of the best buck beds I've found yet. This is a mix of hills, river, creek and small amount of swamp. The best buck bed I found was near the bottom of a hill about 90 yards south of a small swamp. I can't get in to set up on this bed until late rut. There is a large creek a little over 100 yards west of the bed. My questions are 1) Is this still an area you would key in later in the season? 2) Would you set up slightly uphill of this bed for wind advantage or split the distance between the bed and the creek because the creek will funnel movement? I think the creek would be good cruising, it's a large flat bottom.

This bed had lots of hair in it and a big rub line (last year's rubs) coming straight from the bed heading to a clearcut northeast. Any info is appreciated! Thanks

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