Essential Oils cover scent

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Re: Essential Oils cover scent

Unread postby Crazinamatese » Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:02 pm

dehart89 wrote:
Jackson Marsh wrote:Thanks to my wife we've got "essential oils" all over the house.....

You're not the only one. I use to be a none believer, but some of them surprisingly do wonders. A while back I had massive heart burn & a migraine (I was curled up in the fetal possition it was so bad). The wife put peppermint on my temples for my migraine and something else under my tongue for heart burn. 5 min later I was up walking around playing with my kids.

Don't think it would be worth a dime in the woods.

Heart burn? Drink some pickle juice... ;)

The cave you fear hides the treasure you seek!!!
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Re: Essential Oils cover scent

Unread postby northeast beast » Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:07 am

Dewey wrote:I used a lot of Vanilla Killa years ago. It sure seemed to attract a lot of deer but never brought in a mature buck. You can fool inmature deer with stuff like this but mature deer are a totally different game. They just don't tolerate stuff like this.

I'm on the same page. Heavy hunted mature bucks I think would put the puzzle together real quick and avoid you again he probably smells in layers and can smell both

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