What is your perfect setup for a morning hunt?

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Re: What is your perfect setup for a morning hunt?

Unread postby matt1336 » Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:22 am

oldrank wrote:I will hunt the back door escape route of a known bedding area. I usually key on these areas during rut and on high pressure days. I will sit on down wind side. I will pattern a hunter who is working the up wind side and is getting sloppy or hunting one stand. When the stars align I will get a week of bad weather with a good break moving in on a Saturday or Sunday. This gets alot of guys heading to the woods. I will loop around wide and set up very early on the back of the bedding. As the late arriving hunters move in their scent and movements will push the deer my way. I have killed a lot of bucks this way. It is killer for me during rut when bucks are hanging with does n moving alot.

You bet Rank! The old opening day of gun season strategy. I think a lot of beasts do this. I know I have and I see deer pretty much every time I do it.

For the OP- I hunt mornings during the rut and that's about it. To get to my stand, I like to use water or some type of obstacle that doesn't allow the deer to smell hear or see me. In the rut I'm usually on the downwind side of doe bedding or set up in some kind of funnel. I'd like to find a thermal hub to try. I've been reading up on those threads lately

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