Possible bedding on this topo map

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Possible bedding on this topo map

Unread postby comeback_kid » Tue May 23, 2017 1:05 am

For my scouting and honing in on bedding areas I am trying to focus in on an area where there has been a good amount of late afternoon buck activity early season when they are still in bachelor groups. Here in Southeastern PA, bow season opens September 16th so I am hoping to get a crack at a buck based on some intel I gathered last year at that time.


So in this small gully or ditch it's real thick and these bachelor bucks were hanging out and I spotted them 2x in about a week (September 21, September 27). I moved closer in and on the second time I had 2 walk right beneath my tree. My guess(I'll need to confirm with scouting) is that they were bedding somewhere in that green rectangle which is a woodlot . Oh, yeah and the yellow arrows are direction of travel for the bucks I saw.

What do you guys think are the likely bedding areas?

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