Your Mobile Setup for the 2016 Season

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Re: Your Mobile Setup for the 2016 Season

Unread postby Dewey » Sat May 13, 2017 5:35 am

tgreeno wrote:
Waymore wrote:
D-Stew wrote:I've been using the XOP hangon and XOP sticks the last couple of years and really liked them. I've been thinking about trying out the Stepp Ladder system for this upcoming season though? Does anyone have experience with these steps? I think they have a lot of potential, especially if you pair them with an aider; however, one thing that I'm nervous about is the "clang" when you roll the step over to lock it in. Anyone with some experience and thoughts, I'd love to hear what you think.

Checkout forum. There is a 10 page review on them there with the owner chiming in too. I still think the sticks are the way to go

Here is my experience & take on these single step climbing systems compared to sticks.

For me the most difficult part of getting up the tree is actually strapping the stick to the tree and locking it on. Fortunately I only have to do it 4 times to equal 12 steps. So I get 3 steps for every strap I have to cinch-up. With these single step systems you have to cinch-on 12 individual steps. Which is way more work for me. And then when your packing up in the dark you have to stow away 12 individual steps, instead of only 4 sticks. To me the fewer moving parts the better!

Just my $.02 worth

I agree. When I first hunted out of a saddle I used Cranford rope steps. They were compact a very light but sure were a pain putting on and taking off 10-12 steps each time. Climbing sticks are way easier but then you have the bulk. The only real solution for mobile saddle hunting is the one stick method if you are able to do it. I'm gonna experiment with that. It would be nice to keep everything under 10 lbs total for real remote spots. My goto set up will always be my Alpha and four sticks but always looking for other options depending on the situation.

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