Finding beds in thick cedars

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Finding beds in thick cedars

Unread postby BowHusker » Tue Nov 22, 2016 1:59 am

Yesterday evening I was hunting a piece of public that receives a fair amount of pressure but is really thick with cedar trees. I wasn't finding hardly any deer sign until I got about a mile back in and crossed a slough, then it picked up alot.

I feel like I spent most of my time crouched down or crawling because it was so thick! I did find a really big track and I followed it which led me to a bunch of rubs and a few scrapes as well. Since I was already in there I decided to look for beds but I quickly realized it was going to be very hard to find them.

I was hunting in a river bottom but it isn't a typical hardwoods river system. It is choked full of cedars and visibility is practically none except for a few open areas that are there. There isn't any of the typical bedding areas that would be seen from an aerial map such as oxbow's or anything but I know a good buck is back there based on sign and tracks.

How do you guys go about finding beds in these cedars as the needles that fall off seem to really hide the sign from me. I will def go back after a good snow but it's so thick in there that I don't think much snow will accumulate under the cedars to give away a bedding location. Thoughts? Experiences?

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