Being a picky shooter.

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Re: Being a picky shooter.

Unread postby Jackson Marsh » Sun May 15, 2016 1:42 pm


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Re: Being a picky shooter.

Unread postby MikePerry » Sun May 15, 2016 4:08 pm

I to have had missed opportunities at mature bucks because I often wait for close shots say 25 and in and have passed those 30-40 yard shots over the years. I practice out to 40-50 every year and think I shoot pretty good out to those distances but it just seems like to many things can go wrong the further out you shoot in a hunting situation. Honestly most of the areas I hunt are to thick to shoot 40 yards but those opportunities have came up a few times and I've passed those shots. I've taken a lot of mature bucks with a bow and even more doe so I guess I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything by passing a longer range shot. Usually I'll get the shot I want during the season but if I don't I do not feel like I failed in any way.


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Re: Being a picky shooter.

Unread postby Rich M » Mon May 16, 2016 2:39 am

Part of a successful recovery is knowing what to do if things go wrong. In Dan's videos, he and some other fellow(s?) made some shots that hit a little bit back, they realized the shots weren't 100% and moved out to allow the deer time to die without bumping them. The bucks I'm referring to were recovered.

While we do try for the best shot & quickest kill, other things factor in. Buck fever is a big one, stiff joints, cold, unseen tree limbs, animal movement, etc.

Having read on here that many bucks will head towards their beds to die - how many folks find that to be the case?
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Re: Being a picky shooter.

Unread postby E72 » Tue May 17, 2016 5:36 am

dan wrote:
Dewey wrote:I agree with taking the first good shot and have killed plenty doing just that. There have been many cases where a buck appeared and within seconds I have put an arrow in him.

My comment about being picky about my shots is more to completely eliminate wounding loss more than anything because I take that very seriously. I don't believe in the thought process that if a buck is in range I'm shooting no matter what. If the shot is not there I am not forcing it because that is when things go terribly bad. I see it all the time the guys that do that wound multiple deer every year and chalk it up to being part of the game. That never sits well with me. Nothing bothers me more than hearing a guy say "it was a big buck so I just had to shoot". It doesn't matter if it's a nub buck or a Booner that animal deserves a quick humane kill and it's up to you to determine if the shot will without a doubt result in that. I prefer a double lung shot since it's a extremely high percentage and quick killing shot. If I don't have that I let them walk.

Sure I have likely missed out on killing a number of good bucks by not being more aggresive but will say I am most proud of my arrow killing percentage and would like to continue that trend. Every shot I have taken in the last 15 years has resulted in a dead deer/bear within sight. To me the clean kill is still much more important than trophies on the wall.

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From what I have experienced and seen, it seems to me that guys that wound a lot do so because they force the shot before it presents itself... I was guilty of that when I was younger. I shot a lot of deer and noticed that my kill rate on does was nearly 100% but bucks was more like 50/50... I realized I didn't care if I shot the doe so I waited for the right shot... Patience is key. If your set up is good, you will get your shot most likely if you wait. But, I would still recommend taking the 1st "good" shot you have...
People can preach how bad it is to wound deer, but its going to happen, and you need to get over it. We choose weapons like bows, or even trad equipment for some of us cause its more difficult... Along with difficulty comes failure. T[glow=red]ake shots you fully believe will kill, and learn from your mistakes. The only way to get good at killing is to kill...

I preach this to my son all the time.
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Re: Being a picky shooter.

Unread postby bowkill00 » Tue May 17, 2016 9:54 am

If your shooting muzzy 125's... (chopping axe's)...I remember in the '90s when my dad shot them he killed a few deer with shoulder shots. I was shooting the muzzy 90 grain and he'd always tell me to stay away from that shoulder. I'd say but you dont...he'd reply "yea bc I'm shootn an axe" Lol
quote="Dewey"]I am really picky about my shots but in rare cases will take something outside my norm if I feel good about deflating both lungs. I would only attempt this with a Muzzy because I have full confidence in them punching thru shoulder.

This is my 2013 buck with the arrow put back in for illustration. Shot was at 7 yards and slightly quartering towards and I was only 5 feet off the ground. Took out the far bottom of both lungs and top of the heart with a pass thru that stuck in the ground far behind him. Buck was dead within seconds.


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