Hunting new land

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Hunting new land

Unread postby Treejunkie » Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:31 am

A friend and I just received word today that we have permission to hunt a nice piece of land. Winter scouting would have been ideal but that will not be happening. What is the best way to do in season scouting, if at all, without screwing up the land?

Lots of marshy and hardwoods mixed on this property. I have watched videos of Dan scouting the edges but it is after season. Is there an effective way to do it now?

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Re: Hunting new land

Unread postby CRK925 » Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:59 am

If there's marshy areas, especially surrounded by thick stuff you can almost guarantee that it's bedding. Since we know bucks tend to bed with the wind at their backs, walk the entire downwind edge. It may take you a few trips to learn the property, maybe allow some extra time coming in to scout and walk in slowly each time you hunt. Find trails coming out the marshy areas, looking for big deer poop and big tracks.

Time in the stand will be your best way of scouting. Stay still when in the stand and be quiet going in and out since you don't know the property yet. Deer sightings will help you figure it out faster. Adjust accordingly to what you see.

Don't overhunt it and watch your entrances and exits. Look at aerial maps and plan your access routes carefully, never letting your scent blow into suspected bedding areas. This is the way to approach any new property, public or private.

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