Plan for wind or deer sign when in-season scouring

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Plan for wind or deer sign when in-season scouring

Unread postby SonofUlam » Thu Oct 01, 2015 3:58 pm

I have a new private chunk of private land that became available that I need to scout and hopefully hunt. This is my first year actually getting to put into practice a lot of the beast tactics I've read about for the last year or so. Now that I'm actually doing it myself I have a lot more questions. Like:

When I'm in-season scouting a new property (I'll my stand and bow with me so I can hunt any fresh sign I'm seeing) is it best to look for tails and other sign and follow them as close as I can to suspected bedding regardless of wind or only scout those areas that the wind allows me the best access to?

I guess I think I know the answer (the former option) but I'm curious if that's right.

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