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Re: doe estrous

Unread postby Kraftd » Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:33 am

Dewey wrote:The thing I didn't like about scents was the bucks almost always came into it from downwind and ended up winding me before reaching it. Putting out the scent was another issue I had and didn't like either. Walking upwind of my stand to put out scent wicks and leaving my own scent all over didn't sit too well with me. Nowadays the stealthy approach is better for me.

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Same general experience for me. My opinion is that the scents themselves may work ok, but it is very very very hard to get them out without either encouraging deer to come from downwind or mixing your ground scent with them. I tried throwing one of those aerosol buck bombs off wind from my stand once. Shot a little buck and had a bigger one come through, but I was also in a pretty good spot. I just used the scent because I had pounded the area a couple of days in a row and thought it may help cover my ground scent. Probably didn't. Oh, and the wind blew it back at me too...

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