Consistent Pressure

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Re: Consistent Pressure

Unread postby JoeRE » Fri Oct 17, 2014 1:42 pm

Interesting observation. The way I like to think of deer/human interactions in farm country is this: if a buck ran out of an area every time he got bumped by a tractor, 4 wheeler, wood cutter, small game hunter etc he would literally have to spend his whole life running. I bet most get bumped by something every week if not more.

There is a difference between how mature deer, does and well as bucks, act to human activity and what younger deer do. Mature deer do not tolerate repeated human activity into their bedding areas. If someone repeatedly walks or drives through bedding, mature deer will find another area that is better - meaning less disturbed. Also the oldest bucks become much less tolerant of human activity. I'm not talking a 4 year old buck which are still pretty active in general...when they get 5, 6, 7 years old they become an entirely different animal.

I have seen it both ways - farms where lots of human activity meant very little daylight deer movement, and farms where deer still had pretty normal patterns. From what I could tell a big factor was if deer could find small undisturbed parts of the farm to bed - even if there is a heavily used 4 wheeler trail 150 yards away. They want spots where they can sit tight and not be bumped. If there was not secure bedding, most deer, especially mature deer, just moved elsewhere.

While on stand I also have seen deer high tail it from a 4-wheeler or wood cutter many many times. In fact over the years two different bucks I shot were pushed by human activity to me. Its all a factor of how routine movement is and where it is in relation to bedding.

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