into gun season...where to look?

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into gun season...where to look?

Unread postby mauser06 » Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:22 pm

so..archery season ended...gun season starts December 2nd...i still have my buck tag...

i usually hunt right near camp...i still may...but, considering a public land solo self hunt...i know the "area" fairly well...ive walked it...most all of it...time and time again doing bear drives..problem is..i never GPSed anything...i should have as i'd have a few years of serious intel...

there are some bruiser bucks taken from this hollow every year...

the habitat is a mix of hardwoods, hemlock (the hemlock is the dark green in the aerial) and some rhododendron/mountain laurel...the creek in the bottom is fair say it averages 30-50ft wide...crossable by deer most everywhere...crossable by people in some areas..

a few gas lines...some foot trails...only 3 roads marked in 97% sure those are the only drivable roads...some of the foot trails though may as well be roads...and there are a few oil wells and stuff that have employee access...none of which shows accurately on maps...

just wondering if anyone wants to take a look...pretty sure the top 3rd elevation line falls right around the transition line which will be hemlock/hardwood or mountain laurel/ you can see a lot of the bottom and side ditches are hemlock..which can be super thick or super wide open...then you hit a strip of mountain laurel...then the tops are hardwood...thats a basic breakdown of how the hillsides are...and they can be STEEP as you can see..

dont know the wind yet...can "assume" SW or NW or W as predominant winds...but could be a freaky wind..

can plan on LOTS of pressure...i WISH the foot trails showed better as some like i said are like roads and even a pretty lazy hunter can venture in pretty deep pretty quick...but, they arent likely to venture off their trails...

my dad has hunted it every opener for a while now and says pressure isnt horrible...enough to keep deer moving...but they know its hunting season...

besides bedding points, what else should i look for??? i dont see any funnels punching me in the face..the mountain laurel and rhododendron can hold deer VERY well..

(lime green is the boundary are the only drivable roads..can assume parking off all of it...)

thoughts?? i dont have "a lot to loose" by not hunting near camp..i would say id have equal chances at a good buck either least a camp HELP to drag would be available lol...this public cell help..but thats ok...i can cross that bridge...



i will have a rifle...but shooting across that hollow is outside of my setup...i dont long range deer hunt..there are guys that sit on the gas lines and shoot gun hunting is done in bow range a lot of times...but im capable out to 200-300yards anyways..

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