Secluded Marsh Island on "Peninsula"

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Secluded Marsh Island on "Peninsula"

Unread postby dkoy85 » Fri Oct 04, 2013 5:37 am

My new home offers some good looking public hill country as well as marsh land which I am very excited to hunt for years to come. After doing some aerial scouting on my comp I found what I feel to be the perfect big buck beast bed (BBBB). Access from any road is over 1.5 miles of walking through what I assume to be thick brushy woods combined with open cattails. Nasty stuff coupled with a hike and a half to a secluded island on a peninsula create the perfect BBBB- in my opinion.

How would you guys hunt this? I'm throwing out doing any type of in season scouting for fresh sign in the woods the buck would use to transition into after he makes the half mile hike from is cozy island bed thru the marsh to the wooded finger (reference map) because I'll definitely tip him off to my presence and lose any element of surprise when I go into hunt him- sorry for the run on sentence.

Would you guys sneak in stand on back and hunt the very point of the island where the trails come out- not knowing where the buck is bedded on the island which is probably no more than 100 yards x 50? Would you take a step ladder in and hunt where the trails converge after he leaves the island, or will it be too late before he leaves the island? What wind would you move in on, and how likely will he be bedded on a North wind? Should I take a canoe in and pop in on the side of the peninsula just before his BBBB? The nearest field for the buck would be close to 2 miles away. Again, how would you guys hunt this island and what is the likelihood of a buck using this island- assuming nobody has hunted it?


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Re: Secluded Marsh Island on "Peninsula"

Unread postby Buckfever » Fri Oct 04, 2013 12:46 pm

I scouted out something similar last year. I put a camera at the pinch point and got a monster buck coming out of there but it was only around midnight. It isn't just that there's a good buck there, but can you get close enough to have daytime movement. A cellular camera would be useful but I couldn't get reception 1.5 miles back. I'd probably get a black flash camera make one trip scout out the bed, even if you bump him and then set up the camera as tight as you think you can get to the bed to make a set and leave it for 2-3 weeks then go in with a stand on your back see what it tells you and then decide on the spot if there's a hunt there. One of the things with these public land bucks, it's great to have inventory but some of these bucks only move during daylight hours for maybe 7-10 days before peak rut and there's just no sense in burning that bridge on a hand you can't win. And it could be a good hand if the timing is right. Just some thoughts.

Definitely like how you're thinking though.
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Re: Secluded Marsh Island on "Peninsula"

Unread postby Redman232 » Sat Oct 05, 2013 5:18 am

You can always take a trusted hunting partner with you and do a soft bump, with you set up at a pinch point along an escape route. If you can get him to try sneaking out the back door and not bust him out to where he jumps in and swims for it, you've got a pretty good chance. If nothing else you'll find out if there is anybody home.

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