bedding areas in farm country

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Re: bedding areas in farm country

Unread postby DEERSLAYER » Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:56 am

dan wrote:... Then yesterday he found out they had his and Codys deer pictures on there website and face book and was really pissed :lol: :roll:

It seems like if these guys can't get their way they just go ahead and do what they want. I'm expecting that at some point they will go ahead and just use what ever footage and pictures they want.

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Re: bedding areas in farm country

Unread postby JV NC » Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:40 am

I hunt farm country.

I WISH I could predict which 1/4ac. they might be in. I can't. That's roughly 10KSF (100' X 100'). When I say bedding area (here), I'm talking sometimes 5ac.'s or more (5ac's is a really small area). It also depends on what time of year (where they might bed down) as well as day or night (obviously).

Once Oct.'s finished....and until 1/3 through Dec., I couldn't tell you which FARM a particular buck was bedding on......much less an area.

I believe they bed in certain areas on certain weather occurrences. Conceded. I just don't think there's a consistently exact weather occurrence to make them choose an exact SPOT. What better way to become predictable.......than to do the exact same thing - day after day after day? I think an "area" he feels safe in will hold him. I just think my "area" and a lot of others "area" differ in size.

No biggie. Difference of opinion.
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