How often do you check your camera's ?

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Re: How often do you check your camera's ?

Unread postby MOBIGBUCKS » Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:26 pm

dan wrote:Matt,
The expense is pretty hefty to run those cameras but if you can afford it, the results can be almost unfair... You know how I am always preaching to keep cameras out of bedding or hunting areas. Well with this camera you can break the rule. Put the camera right on the main entrance to the bedding area, or better yet aim it right at the bucks bed. Set it before or during a rain storm to keep from getting scent in there if you can. Set up a battery pack and solar charger and just check your email each day. When the buck is bedded there just move in and set up for the kill on the exit rought.... It really kind of takes the skill factor right out of hunting.

Those cameras are not fair in my opinion. That is why I only use my "regular" cams to profile the bucks in my area; If you know where they bed and your cameras are placed strategically, one can ASSUME a buck beds nearby.

Unfortunately, I think the trail cam market is headed in the direction of these cellular cameras :( I think you will see the price point come down and people will use them in unethical instances.

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Re: How often do you check your camera's ?

Unread postby PredatorTC » Thu Jun 17, 2010 6:16 pm

dan wrote:Andrae actually has an ATV trail leading right up to each of his cameras. Sometimes he checks daily, but off season usually less like once a week...
He has the best system I have seen. Deer know that he uses the ATV trail, he don't hide that at all... He checks cameras midday.
They don't fear his scent or trail cause its in the fields where it belongs.

I was just gonna say that 8-) Here is what i wrote on anther topic a while back.

I think checking them daily can be the key to success in some situations In the summer i believe it is good to let them sit.
But during the season i would check 2 or three of ours everyday. It was an awesome feeling when i hunted a bedding area and i knew the buck was in there because of the camera.

In my particular situation, it was the pre rut. We had a specific buck that was coming into his bedding area from a specific direction. But he was only coming in this way every 3-5 days. I knew this because there we had cameras up in a hard woods where he would check some scrapes every morning before heading to the swamp to bed. One thing i noticed was that he was always in the hardwoods on the camera before daylight. There are always hunters in the hardwoods running around and leaving scent so i knew that he would never be in there during daylight. So i could check my cameras everyday. The buck expected human scent there. He felt safe because the scent was put there during daylight. So, i got one picture of him and counted two days. On the third day i set my brother up very close to his bedding area(Because my tag was filled) where i was hoping he would be in daylight. I never dared put a camera here. I figured he could sit this spot for the next couple mornings until the big boy came through.... Sure enough the very first time he sat there the 4.5 year old beast came right up and busted my brother at about 18 yards.

Moral of the story, i don't think there is anything wrong with checking your camera daily if it is in a spot that allows the human scent...
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Re: How often do you check your camera's ?

Unread postby matt1336 » Thu Jun 17, 2010 6:59 pm

I can seehow the cell phone/satalite cams can be seen as unfair. I was just tryin to save some gas and time...both of which are hard to get for me these days. I love the chase and would not want to cheapen it in anyway....very few times do i win this chase anyway. Dan is right tho- a hunter could learn a lot of valuable info with these truely scent free cams.
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Re: How often do you check your camera's ?

Unread postby dan » Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:26 pm

I have no problem with anybody using whatever method they want to use to kill deer as long as its legal.
I believe tho, that your going to see a lot more states outlaw trail cameras as the advancments are viewed as unfair in the publics eye... In some states its already against the law to use trail cams....
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Re: How often do you check your camera's ?

Unread postby tim » Fri Jun 18, 2010 5:01 am

yeah i already have some cams out and actually had one out in may. i checked it last week when i went up to my land for some trimming around walnut trees i have growing in my field. i only put them around perimeters near food sources or water for inventory now also . i only check when i get a chance to get up so probably wont check again till mid july. i get the itch to check more often when i know a big one is in the area but seldom do that anymore even if i only have them around field edges.

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