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Re: WTT/WTB Beast Sticks

Unread postby backstraps » Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:49 am

Raun wrote:
backstraps wrote:
Raun wrote:I wonder If I can get my wife to buy these for me for christmas? :think:

Maybe should get her on the email list :lol:

:naughty: NO!!! I've already been spending a good bit of money this year trying to get prepped for this coming up season. It's going to have to wait for it to be her idea... and when I hear that question.... so babe whatcha want for Christmas? Then I make my move... :dance:

:lol: :lol: I gotcha, playin it smooth! Nice approach! :clap:

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Re: WTT/WTB Beast Sticks

Unread postby Jamielukas » Mon Jul 22, 2019 3:48 am

dan wrote:
Jamielukas wrote:
dan wrote:We should have more beast sticks soon...

Awesome, we are all waiting to buy them out again!!!!

I would really like to get about 20,000 of them made and see how they do with an unlimited supply. It sucks when your proud of your idea and design and want everyone who wants to try it to have the chance but some have to wait and watch others use it... Then you have the jack wagons that get on social media and say that Im keeping a low inventory to create hype and want... That really peeves me. Like I want the guys copying me, and trying to force me out of business to sell while I don't... Yea, that's a great business model. :roll: :lol:

One thing you guys should know when your looking at copycats making and selling tubes and steps. They are not going to fit or work like ours. We extrude our own tubes to an exact size cause tubing comes with up to +/- 1/16 variance. Extrusions are very expensive to make, so garage copycats buy factory tubing. 1 inch tubing comes anywhere from .950 thick to 1.06 thick and everywhere in-between with each bar different. Our extrusions hold that to one consistent size. We have high tolerances between the steps, antler bracket, and where they connect to the stick. You cannot maintain that with store bought tubing (which is often a lower grade of alum.) unless you custom make each piece to fit. and there will be movement in the step because of the slop gaps causing noise, wear, holes opening up, and in extreme cases bolts breaking or bending... Regardless of what they tell you. Also we run the designs thru stress analysis and testing. Where others just put holes in material and may be using lower and cheaper grades of Alum with no testing. Safety should be considered when climbing trees.

Enough ranting... We should catch up and have inventory for anyone who wants it eventually, but, Im not lowering my standards to get more out quicker. That defeats the whole reason everyone wants them. Good things come to those who wait...

I definitely hear you on the quality issue with other manufacturers. And that is a big reason I agree many people would like to get their hands on them. We also know they are tested heavily in the field and you genuinely care about your product and not just a $.

Anyways, can’t wait for the stand to be released as well :dance:

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