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Re: Garmin 64

Unread postby christian1 » Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:02 am

Thanks for the PM's and replies. Sold pending payment.


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Re: Garmin 64

Unread postby ThePreBanMan » Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:36 pm

Jonny wrote:I have the 64s. I use it for hunting and ice fishing. The s simply means storage, I think the s has double the storage. So double waypoints and tracks.

With garmin basecamp you can keep every point and just upload the important ones to the gps. But honestly you will have a fun time trying to run out of storage.

My gps for $200 was one of my best purchases. For $100, this is a steal. I can get to a tree in the pitch black with it, and get within 15-20’ of a brush pile under the ice with no bearings.

If I just didn’t buy a tv, I would jump on this. Money just is too tight right now

The S means sensor not storage. The difference between the 64 and 64s is that the 64s has a magnetic compass whereas the 64 only has a gps compass. Meaning you need to walk in a straight direction for it to tell you the direction you're facing. I've had both... I sold the 64 and bought the 64s. When navigating by it I found it annoying to not have a magnetic compass. Particularly when stopping at a waypoint and needing to do a direction change. I attached a small one to it. But it just wasn't working out so I got rid of it.

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