Crossbow Injuries

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Re: Crossbow Injuries

Unread postby DEERSLAYER » Sun May 22, 2011 10:15 am

dan wrote:...As far as pulling the bow back being a big part of bowhunting... I agree with you there. When to pull the bow back, and how to do it, and setting up where you can pull it off is a very huge learning curve of bowhunting... I was not down playing that at all...


I'm guessing it is illegal to bow fish with them here too. I haven't checked though because I know I won't be using one (and I have never bow fished).

That guy who could barely keep them on a pie plate at 30yards is the only one that took a shot that wasn't on a rest. The one shot he took from a standing position he nearly missed the bale let alone hit the pie plate. :lol:

As I mentioned I didn't know these people well so I don't know their gun shooting skills which could help them.

If the only thing I cared about was killing my buck, my first choice would be a gun. ;) (just messin :lol: ). Next would be a TAC-15 or comparable X bow, then my compound and lastly a stick bow, but they only way I really want to kill one is with my compound. However, I'm not overly picky. I will gladly roll a pig with a gun. :D

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