Of interest to upland and waterfowl hunters, esp. NY

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Of interest to upland and waterfowl hunters, esp. NY

Unread postby Mike Rossi » Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:04 am

Several hundred persons are on the ballot Tuesday who are running for offices which directly control the laws governing HUNTING in NEW YORK STATE.
We mailed many of these candidates a questionnaire containing the following questions:
Do you or anyone you are personally acquainted with hunt; with or without a dog?
Do you philosophically support any animal rights or animal protection organizations? If so, please identify the organizations.
Do any animal rights or animal protection organizations endorse you as a candidate or financially support your campaign?
What office are you running for and what is your position on the following hunting related issues?
A) Reinstating mourning dove hunting in NY.

B) Protecting the state pheasant stocking program and Reynold’s State Pheasant Farm.

C) Preserving the traditions of hunting upland game birds, webless migratory game birds, and waterfowl.

D) Creating Gun Dog Training areas on DEC owned public hunting lands.

Are you interested in the answers we got and who ignored us and did not respond to our questionnaire? If you are visit the following link for a list of whom we contacted and whether they responded to us. Then, to view the responses received follow the link. We hope you and any hunters you know use this to guide your vote on Tuesday for thee very offices that control hunting policy in NY state. Next election cycle we intend to reach every single candidate - so put this in your memory bank so in 2 years we don't have to explain it again. Here is the link:

We need you to sign our online petition to instate a dove hunting season in NY. If you already signed you do not need to sign again. However, it is very important that you help us get other people to sign as well. Here is the direct link to the petition:

In addition to signing the petition we need to collect data through 5 very quick questions. Please complete this brief survey and also help us get other hunters to do the same. After answering the last question you will be directed to the petition. If you already signed the petition it is not necessary to sign it again, and not signing it will NOT void your survey responses.

Another project we need help with is our upland bird study. This is an ongoing, long-term study which we are collecting information from hunters about the foraging of gamebirds, including pheasant which are stocked. We need a digital photo of the bird’s crop contents, or in the case of a bird which has not recently fed, a photo of the empty crop. After collecting one or more photos, visit the following link and fill out the online form. We will then contact you with instructions on sending us your digital photos. Data without photos and/or photos without a completed form are of no use. Here is the link:

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