Deer Season

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Deer Season

Unread postby Jimmm » Fri Nov 28, 2014 12:52 am

Texas hunters have been waiting for is finally here! The first of November not only ushers in cooler weather, but it also ushers in the beginning of deer season in Texas! With the first full day of November in swing, Texas deer hunters are in for a treat- premium deer this season!

While previous years have proven to be a disappointment when it comes to deer hunting (most notably in 2012,) Texas Parks & Wildlife ensures Texas hunters that they can expect to see deer in good condition with an above average number of mature bucks this fall.

For hunting enthusiasts in Texas this is great news!While past years have resulted in a scarce number of deer due to a lack of rain and Texas heat, 2014 is proving to be better than 2013.
According to Alan Cain, White-tailed Program Leader at Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, he “had a report of a bow hunter in Walker County connecting on a buck that score 163 B&C (Boone &Crockett scoring system).” It was later confirmed that this connection was the hunter’s first time to bow hunt. Similarly, an additional report out of Atascosa County scored a 183 B&C buck.

While previous deer seasons fizzled out due to drought, this year’s collective rainfall makes for an impressive deer season. As Cain mentioned, when it comes to deer and deer season, biologists use rainfall as a barometer to predict the success of that year’s hunting season. Rainfall is an accurate measure to take because it directly correlates by providing nutrition, or a lack there of, depending on the weather conditions to deer. The nutrition stemming from the year’s rainfall impacts several factors of a deer including, but not limited to their size, antler, and reproductive functions.

Simply put, the more rain that fell in 2014 provided deer with more bountiful food sources which helped them gain nutrition. Without the right amount of food and water many of the deer we see out in the woods today would not be alive. The deer’s palate prefers foods that are vegetable and fruit based including leaves, beans, berries and nuts. One of the most vital food sources for deer during the fall season is acorns. Acorns are a great food source for deer because they are loaded with carbohydrates which allows the deer to gain weight at a quicker rate. This weight will come in handy in the cold winter months. Without proper weight to support and warm themselves deer would not be able to live as long.

With deer season in full-swing, ranch owners, hunters and deer enthusiast alike are reporting to have herds of deer that have strong antler growth and development and are able to produce for their herd. News of these good prospects for the 2014 deer season have us excited to get out and go hunting!

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