Frustrated with the new boat

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Re: Frustrated with the new boat

Unread postby dirt nap giver » Sat Mar 19, 2016 2:31 pm

This is by far the best annaligy I have come across this far. It's shallow in the problem solving department, but it really clarifies the flow of electrical DC current, how it's restricted and controlled
Part one:
Part two ... icity2.htm

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Re: Frustrated with the new boat

Unread postby Horizontal Hunter » Sun Mar 20, 2016 1:03 am

dirt nap giver wrote:If the magnesium is through the hull with bronze nut and bolt and the motor which is grounded to the cranking battery and is bolted to the hull, wouldn't that be grounded already?


Sending unit grounded to the magnesium which is through bolted to the hull.

2 deep cycle batteries for trolling motor and accessories is ground bonded to the cranking battery which is grounded to the motor which is bolted to the hull.
Same thing isn't it?

yes. You only need one ground. Multiple grounds are bad and can create ground loops

Or are you telling me to bond the batteries to the magnesium as well?

from what you said earlier it is already grounded so you are good

One of the research pages I read stated that the reason for bonding the negatives to the magnesium is essentially a security blanket should there ever be a short, doing so acts as a double protector.

I have an appointment with the lead boat set up mechanic/marine electrician for a subsidiary company of bass pro set for next Saturday. I am a little concerned because in speaking to him, he seamed completely oblivious to terminology and definitions I was referring to.
I expressed those concerns to him and he said "we connect every boat the same way, and we set up over 6,000 boats a year with zero issues"
So far I'm 50/50.
I get to work along side him in his personal barn, so I'm sure I will learn a lot.

I will continue to read and study this even after I have met with him. This has had such an impact on me, that I WILL figure this out in its entirety.

Thanks for the replies, and keep the thoughts coming.

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You are well on your way to getting this worked out.


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