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Unread postby magicman54494 » Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:22 pm

Lou asked if I had a boat. Yes, but I dont use it as much as I should.
I usually fish bluegills. I love catching them and eating them.
without going into huge detail I will explain how I go about catching them. My goal is the bigger ones, at least good cleaning size and bigger if they are there.

1. many lakes have tons of stunted gills. I don't fish these lakes.
2. many lakes are over fished. I tend to fish lakes that are hard to get a boat in. Many times I fish from my canoe.
3. Even on good lakes you have to find them. I hunt them down. Cast ,move ,cast, move until I find them. I often use a jig and twister tail as a locator bait.
4. on tough fishing days ditch the bobber. I fish a piece of crawler and a splitshot and let it sink. There have been many times when I ditched the bobber and hammered them when prior to that I couldnt get a bite.
5. fish near deep water, sharp dropoffs. They may be right up in the lilly pads or they could be 12 ft deep on the weed edge.
6. the spawn runs a long time and if you work hard you can find a late active spawn bed and pound a limit of big ones from a 3 ft dia. area. I've done it many times.
7. If you are catching small or medium gills MOVE. I catch very few big ones in these spots.
8. you may find them where you caught them yesterday or last week but dont count on it. If they arent there move on fast.
9. when you have a 100# chocolate lab its time to get a jon boat and leave the canoe at home. :lol:

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