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Set Ups

Unread postby Uncle Lou » Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:27 am

Anyone want to share some set ups for coyotes.

I was going through some air photos of some spots this morning outlining some north and northwest wind set ups. Had East wind yesterday morning. I was going to go across the lake, but didn't like east wind for over there and didn't want to educate them without getting a good opportunity.

Looking over these photos, I Just picked out a setup for an east wind down the road on a public piece. I got the pen out to make a short list of east wind spots. I always like east winds because that is what we usually get before a storm, and I am always thinking the animals want to eat before sitting through a storm.

Then usually we get the N to NW winds after a storm.

My thought is to set up across a small lake or pond (we have so many little lakes around here). Say with a NW wind I will sit on the East or SE side and put my remote caller on the upwind side WNW. Hit it from 30-50 yards and try to call them out on the ice for a clear shot. I am hoping they will try to circle down wind of the call, or in between me and the call. Guess a field would work as well. But for some reason I got it in my head I want to call em out on the ice.

Comments are welcome, and anyone have any simple techniques or setups for coyotes they want to share.

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Re: Set Ups

Unread postby BackWoodsHunter » Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:51 am

I'm still in the process of trying to get the hang of using the wind for coyotes. The fact that they circle downwind like that and will go hundreds of yards out of their way to do so really makes them a tricky creature to hunt. I am headed north soon to hunt with my buddies who are big into yote hunting and calling on the ice is on of their favorites. They hunt small beaver ponds back in public land and have really good luck with it. I know the coyotes feel safer in the woods so maybe the size of the ice is a factor I'm not sure.

I do know that I have been studying up on the coyotes and they seem to feed well, along with most wildlife, AFTER a storm. I was watching a show getting all educated and the guys were hunting a cold, calm and sunny day in late winter after a nasty rain and wind storm the day before. They hammered 4 coyotes and 1 grey fox in 7 stands.

I honestly believe the key is to have more spots than you know what to do with. Far more than you have for deer hunting even. The good thing about coyote hunting is that most guys hate them/want them gone and will let you hunt their farms for free or if you let them tag along. Best of luck and post results when you kill some!
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Re: Set Ups

Unread postby dan » Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:20 pm

I try to keep the wind blowing across an open field ( or pond ) and draw them from a direction that will bring them into the opening for a shot. It seems to work better if you post a guy down wind about 100 yards and call from thicker cover...
I have hunted about a 1/2 dozen times this year already and have yet to get a shot, usually do better than that :cry:
I have had success hunting out of a mobile tree stand too, in thicker stuff to get my scent up higher.

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