Quality video cameras for filming hunts and scouting

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Re: Quality video cameras for filming hunts and scouting

Unread postby jonsimoneau » Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:47 pm

From the advice from Gene and Barry Wensel...I recently bought a Cannon Vixia HF G 10...and I can tell you that it is great. Since Barry was litterally one of the first people to film hunts ever...he knows what he is talking about. They used Cannon GL2's to film both Primal Dreams videos...and they both like the Vixia HF g10 better. Now...both of them will tell you they are not camera techs...but they DO film alot of deer...and both of them are a couple of the best deer hunters on earth...so I feel like what they have to say about filming deer is usefull. They cost around $1500. For sure there are better cameras...but they will be much more costly...and much larger in size. My thoughts are that big cameras will get left in the truck most of the time. If you have a dedicated camera man...then there are much better ones...but If you are doing it yourself...I feel its a pretty great camera. Lungbuster really knows and has taught me alot about cameras so I would really listen to what he has to say. Also...Dan has alot of experience...and I feel his hunting videos are some of the most real and some of the best videos I have ever seen, so listen to what he has to say also.

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