Big Bucks with scents??

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How many 130+ class kills from useing scents?

2 or 3
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Total votes: 18
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Re: Big Bucks with scents??

Unread postby kenn1320 » Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:06 am

Never killed a 130" buck, hope my votes aren't messing up the polls. I have used scents off and on over the years with mixed results. Had a doe stick her nose in a film canister of tinks 69 and she bolted so fast I think she left hair at the scene. Maybe she smelled my scent on the canister or in the area when I placed it. Another year I tried scent drags with maniac 151 or something like that. I was sitting in my stand and heard a strange noise behind me. I looked and here is a 1.5yr old buck following my path exactly. The strange noise was his sniffing and it was loud. He followed the trail in a semi circle and when he got about 7yds from the drag hanging about 2ft off the ground, he stopped with his eyes fixed on it and then bolted. Did a small drag thing spook him, or was it a coincidence he was looking in that direction and then maybe caught my scent? Another time I used Hawgs limited forehead gland scent to make a mock scrape. I killed my best Mi buck after he worked that scrape. My friend is sold on James Valley scents and like Spysar says, that lure is made of glands and oils, not . However I have tried it in scrapes and get ZERO reaction. My friend says he puts it in a real scrape and the bucks get pissed and tear the area up. Because of my 1 positive experience with the synthetic stuff on a mock scrape, I will likely try some more of that when I make mock scrapes this year. However its likely just the fresh dirt that brings them to that location..........

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