Liam Rott "A Trout Angler"

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Liam Rott "A Trout Angler"

Unread postby LenH » Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:38 am


I invited Liam Rott trout fishing yesterday. Liam is the seven year old son of Kevin and Jo Ellen Rott. The Rott's are long time family friends. Jo Ellen and my wife Barb are life long friends from first grade. When I first invited Liam there was a snag and Liam couldn't go. Later in the day Liam's dad contacted me and said Liam wanted to go and when should he be ready. His dad explained to me that Liam had never been fishing and it might be frustrating for him.

I picked up Liam at 3:50am and off we went trout fishing. We were on the water by 4:30am. I explained to Liam the basics of trout fishing. I decided his first outing should be simple and use worms. Liam was really excited and wanted to take a couple trout home to show his mom,dad and sister.

We were only there are 5 minutes when Liam caught his first trout. He did the entire process by himself with no aid from me. Liam is a very quick learner. The second trout was landed about 30 minutes later. We needed to be back home before his mom went to work to show her the trout so we left at 6:20am to go home.

On the way home I gave Liam a nice trout fishing cap to celebrate him becoming "A Trout Angler".

Liam noticed the trout on the hat was different than the ones he caught. I explained to him that the trout on his hat was a brook trout. On the way home we drove by a hole really close to the road and Liam caught a brook trout also.

Moms and Dads.....all it takes one outing a kid will be hooked for life on fishing. They need that feeling of a trout wiggling on the end of their line. You noticed I said a kid....I didn't say a boy. Trout anglers have no gender!

Liam's mom and dad were very proud of him when he came home and showed them the trout.

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Re: Liam Rott "A Trout Angler"

Unread postby RaisedByWolves » Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:31 am

that's awesome, great job guys :)
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